Because content preparation is so important in SEO


Because content preparation is so important in SEO, it requires much attention. Writing content is easy, if you have experience in copywriting. If you manage your own site then with time, the more pages you add, the easier writing new content will become.

To effectively position websites, you must have something to position and optimize on that site. That is why content is arguably the most important element in website optimization.

Take your keyword list and go through every web page checking, which keywords are suitable for which page. Try to assign two or three key phrases to every web page.

Next, start editing your content by adding assigned key phrases to appropriate pages. Include key phrases everywhere it makes sense – this is the key step in website SEO.

However, refrain from stuffing your content with keywords. You don’t want to discourage the reader by writing redundant text like: “best car tires online. Visit our car tires site to buy car tires for your car. We sell the best car tires from all car tire resellers, offering car tires at the lowest price”.

Transform key phrases into active links

Everywhere you place a key phrase, try to change it into a link that directs to a page related to that phrase. So, with our “car tires” example, if that phrase is on a page dedicated to windshield wipers, have it become a link directing to a page that has solely “car tires” content.

The more informative content your site has with active links, the easier your job of pozycjonowanie warszawa will be. Also, write articles and briefs about your services and products directing them to your readers. This way you will:

  1. improve the search engine position of your website
  2. create content that will help persuade the reader to act (buy)

Your website is made up of many subpages. Each subpage should answer a specific question, or present a specific idea all the while persuading visitors to purchase. Remember that the goal of your website and the purpose of search engine optimization, is to increase your sales rather than solely increase the number of visitors.

Step 3 – Tags

Your next step in the website optimization process is to accurately fill out each of the Meta Tags assigned to every page. Meta tags are located within the code and are responsible for the following web page parameters:

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Keywords

Tags help search engines quickly figure out what your every web page is about.


Try to title each web page using 4-5 of the most important phrases describing that page. Remember to separate each phrase with a hyphen or another symbol like: |. Don’t stuff your title with excessive amounts of phrases as most search engines only pay attention to the first 25-35 characters. Also, make sure every page has its own, unique title (this will help you position many pages for many phrases).

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